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Applied photogrammetry

Map reality

Carry out an applied photogrammetry project with drones and make better strategic decisions.

High precision and detail

It will allow you to obtain extremely precise and detailed terrain data, resulting in digital maps and models with detailed information about the topography. 

Changes monitoring

The data collected through photogrammetry allows comparisons to be made at different times, facilitating the monitoring and analysis of changes in the terrain, whether due to natural causes or human activities.

Improved decision making

The information generated from photogrammetry provides a solid basis for decision-making in the design of urban projects, land management, infrastructure planning and natural risk assessment.

Optimization of production processes

In sectors such as agriculture, forest management, or mining, photogrammetry enables detailed terrain analysis to optimize production processes and resource management.


These are some of the deliverables you will obtain when carrying out an applied photogrammetry project with MalakAir:

Orthomosaics and elevation models:

A sequence of orthophotos that will form a high-resolution overhead view map in addition to Digital Elevation Models (DEM), which are essential for a detailed understanding of the terrain's topography.

3D models:

High-fidelity 3D models of the terrain under study will be generated, enabling measurements such as distances, areas, or volumes to be taken.

Detailed reports:

The applied photogrammetry project is aimed at its use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to obtain detailed reports and achieve a greater understanding, planning, and geo-awareness of the terrain.

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