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MalakAir, servicios ofrecidos, drones, alquiler drones, Málaga, Andalucía, Producción audiovisual, Fotografía inmobiliaria, Sevilla, Córdoba, Jaén, Granada, huelva, Almería.

Naval photography

Boats at another height

Your boat deserves to be seen from the air.

Full customization

We understand that every boat is unique, just like your desires and needs. That's why at MalakAir, we'll work with you to create tailored content that reflects the essence of your boat and personal style.

Document the restoration

Planning to restore a boat? What better way to document the before and after than with aerial footage.

Exceptional detail

With our professional team, we capture every last detail, from the sails billowing in the wind to the gleaming deck. We focus on highlighting the elegance and splendor of your vessel.

Promotion of nautical businesses

Whether you're an individual owner or a charter service, there's no better way to promote your vessel than with an aerial report from MalakAir.

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