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Real Estate Photography

Real estate at a new height

Aerial photography and 360º virtual visits

Professional audiovisual production

Our professional edits capture the essence of each property, highlighting their unique features and allowing viewers to feel the experience in every shot.

360º virtual visits

With a virtual tour, there's no need to schedule more physical visits with the inconveniences they bring. Buyers will be able to visit the property in great detail wherever and whenever they want.

Vertical-format multimedia.

Times change, as does the way people enjoy audiovisual content; that's why at MalakAir, we also create vertical-format edits tailored for social media.

360º aerial images

Reveal to buyers the true magnitude and surroundings of a property with our 360-degree aerial panoramic images.

Furnishing houses through Artificial Intelligence:

By applying the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, we can transform an empty space into a vibrant home, infusing it with life and offering potential buyers a more interactive and sensory experience.

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